Culture Day in Chongqin

On Nov.8, ampoule “Chongqing & Word Culture Carnival 2014”, hosted by Chongqing municipal government was held in Chongqing. As part of the carnival, “Bishan Culture Week” opening ceremony has attracted lots of attention. As a rising new district of Chongqing, Bishan is developing an ideal city with projects covered from people’s birth to death. EtonHouse International Group has helped complete the whole life chain service and greatly improves the education level of Bishan. It aims to meet the needs of foreign parents and Chongqing elites towards high quality preschool education. This is the first time Bishan cooperates with an International Education Group and the first time we present this brand “EtonHouse International School Chongqing Bishan” to the citizens. It created a strong discussion in the media about the international educational opportunities that will be offered to the children of Bishan.

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Culture Day in Chongqin

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On Nov.8, ampoule “Chongqing & Word Culture C...


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